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About Cynthia M. Pyfrom, P.A.

I have worked in the legal field for over 20 years and am a dedicated family law attorney. My passion is helping people solve their problems and get to a better place. I seek to understand my clients’ struggles and help them achieve their desired outcome.

I obtained my J.D. from Nova Southeastern University and opened my own family law practice in 2014. I focus exclusively on family law because it is where I believe I can make the biggest impact.

An Attorney Who Cares

I want to make an impact because I understand that no two families are the same. No two attorneys are either.

I have worked exclusively in matrimonial and family law. But my experience is not the only reason why I am an effective family law attorney. While I have ample experience representing clients, I also have experienced family law issues in my own life. I know how hard legal headaches can be on a family. I also know the difference a dedicated and capable attorney can make.

I offer personalized service that is focused on your concerns and desires. I care about your well-being and fight to protect your rights, dignity and your future. For more information about my background and experience, visit the link below:

An Attorney Who Gets Results

Legal issues are often temporary; but a mistake can have lifelong consequences. During these times, it is important to understand the big picture. I seek to understand what you are going through so that I can help you get to where you need to be.

Let me know how I can help you today by calling 561-354-0403 or sending me a message.