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Children deserve to be loved and properly cared for during their lives. When any or both of those principles are ignored, children likely face challenges for years to come. Some of those challenges are financial ones that surface in any household, including those run by a single parent or divorced parent.

Child support payments go a long way toward helping single and divorced parents raise their families. Because the financial responsibility of raising a child falls on both parents, child support can be a crucial part of the equation in certain scenarios. My law office, Cynthia M. Pyfrom, P.A., in Boynton Beach, Florida, is an effective legal ally that understands family law.

Leading The Way And Taking Action For You

Attentive and prepared, I will discuss legal strategies with you in securing fair child support payments. Once child support is awarded, I will help you obtain it. One way is by garnishing the wages of the child’s other parent. If that other parent neglects his or her part of the agreement by failing to pay child support, I will pursue swift and legal enforcement actions against him or her.

When things change financially, I will help you in modifying child support agreements. The modification route surfaces at times when:

  • A parent receives a significant income boost, leading to the custodial parent receiving more money
  • A parent experiences a loss of income due to unemployment, leading to a temporary decrease in child support payments
  • A parent remarries, potentially leading to smaller child support payments
  • A child’s needs change in areas such as increased costs education and health care
  • A significant change in custody or parenting time, known as time sharing

Raising a child alone is not easy, but your love for your child will go a long way, and so will fair child support payments. Let me help you.

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You are legally entitled to child support payments to help raise your children. As a skilled family law attorney, I can provide the insight and direction you need. I am Cynthia M Pyfrom, in Boynton Beach, Florida. I care about my clients and will protect them and help them reach their goals. Contact me by filling out this online form or calling 561-354-0403.