Totally Satisfied!
I was referred to Cindy by my attorney after he thought it was best if he turned the case over to someone in Broward County. Cindy was fabulous! She was relentless is the pursuit of justice and never backed down to the larger firm we were fighting. She always followed up and followed through with every tidbit of information. And by the way, we won!! I would highly recommend Cynthia M. Pyfrom for any legal needs you may have.
Posted by Lee
August 14, 2017
What an outstanding job Top notch all the way.
From day one, she was the most outstanding and understanding individual that you could ask for. Her professionalism was above and beyond. She took my case and assured me that all would be good in life. It was. I have recommended her on more than one occasion, and had no hesitation doing so. If you want a pit bull that will take care of you, you want her and her staff…. Best people I have had the pleasure meeting in south FL, hands down. Thank you.
Posted by Kurt
August 14, 2017
Words cannot accurately describe the amount of gratitude I have for Ms. Pyfrom
I came to Cindy a little over a year ago, from a previous lawyer who was unsatisfactory. She met with me for a complimentary consultation and spent over 2 hours with me. She never pressured me to retain her, and actually asked me to take some time to think it over.
I already knew she was the right lawyer for me, though. Her retainer fee was more reasonable than any others I had been quoted, and always remained refundable. Cindy is not only knowledgeable about family law, she is also compassionate, realistic, organized and timely. I wholeheartedly believe that she became a family lawyer because she noticed the lack of altruistic, honest, reliable and reasonably cost lawyers specializing in this sensitive area. That is what Cindy became.
Along with her paralegal Karla, The Law Office of Cynthia Pyfrom is the only law firm I will ever put my trust in. She has always been ethical and she made herself familiar with other areas of the law that were pertinent in my case, if she wasn't already. After over a year of drawn out and chaotic circumstances, (none that were caused by her), that continuously effected the case, she was able to achieve the best possible outcome. I would recommend Cindy to anyone in need of a family lawyer.
Posted by anonymous
September 1, 2016
Most Outstanding & Honest Divorce Attorney Ever!
I was referred to Cindy by a good friend who also thought she was the best attorney he had ever had.

I was ignorant about divorce and Florida law as it pertains to divorce and I signed an agreement, I was coerced into signing, that I could never have complied with.

In our initial consultation, I was very nervous and upset because I felt like I was being railroaded by my spouse and my prior experience dealing with attorney's outside of the real estate arena was not good. But, Cindy listened intently to everything I had to say and addressed all of my concerns in a very articulate and easy to understand manner that made me feel comfortable with her both as a very real and empathetic person and also as a competent attorney. She didn't pressure me to hire her but I liked her as a person and she came across very honest so I hired her to represent me. In hindsight, my decision to hire her turned out to be the best decision I ever made and saved me several hundred thousand dollars in my divorce.

She was very professional and so helpful in guiding me through my legal issues and took the time to make sure I understood everything. She was always available when I had questions and very responsive to me.

Cindy is very well organized and a stickler for having all of her "i's" dotted and "t's" crossed and I cannot tell you how many times in court the opposing counsel got reprimanded by the judge for not filing the correct paperwork, not understanding the proper court procedures or when he did file the correct paperwork he either wasn't in compliance or didn't do things correctly. I know it sounds trivial but all of those things add up and hurt the opposing attorney's case. There were times in court where the judge reprimanded the opposing attorney for bringing something up that had already been ruled upon. On several occasions the judge asked the opposing attorney for a document that they were unable to produce but because Cindy was so well organized, having my complete file on hand, including all filings and documents, she was able to produce it on the spot even when she wasn't the one being asked for it.

Her knowledge of the law is astonishing for not having the years of experience that many opposing attorneys have had and was proven in court where she won every hearing against the opposing attorney that had been practicing law for 3 or 4 times as long as her and charged almost twice as much in his hourly rate as Cindy. I would take her over anyone. I don't care how much experience they have. No one is as thorough as she is.

Another thing I loved about her was that she always put me first and respected and tried to protect my finances. It wasn't all about her making money. She really cared about me as a person and protecting my finances and she would never file anything that wasn't absolutely necessary. Even when the opposing attorney tried to make frivolous filings, she called him out on them in writing and wrote that the filing was unnecessary and that the cost in attorneys fee's on both sides would be so much greater than the payoff to his client or to me and that it would not be in the best interest of either party. These days so many attorney's and other professionals only care about making money. It's refreshing to have someone like Cindy that truly cared more about a fair outcome for her client than getting rich. The above examples are just a few of the things that I liked about Cindy Pyfrom. There were many more things that I just cannot recall right now but suffice it to say that I cannot recommend a better attorney that will treat you more honestly and fairly than Cindy Pyfrom. She knows what to do in every situation and will protect you better than you can protect yourself. She made me a believer and she will do the same for you. You owe it to yourself to get the best attorney you can get and my vote is for Cindy Pyfrom.
Posted by anonymous
September 1, 2016
Excellent Attorney!
Cynthia was very professional, and very responsive to me. She made certain to know my goals and and stayed true to them, thereby saving me money and time. Cynthia was compassionate to what I was going through, which was a very difficult divorce, but she helped me to stick to facts and moving forward in a timely manner. I recommend her without reservation. Cynthia knows the law, is confident, professional realistic and fair minded. Hiring her was the best decision I made!
Posted by anonymous
March 22, 2015
Divorce attorney
Cynthia was highly organized, professional and did a fantastic job educating me and protecting me. She is very pleasant to work with, always returned calls promptly, and was extremely informative. I appreciate Cynthia and her dedication very much.
Posted by anonymous
February 20, 2015
Wonderful Attorney!
Cynthia was so helpful in guiding me through my legal issues... She was always available when I had questions and kept me posted with everything going on. I would recommend her without question! She's straight forward, honest, and hard working.
Posted by hbehr25
February 12, 2015
The Best
Cynthia helped me with my divorce and took the time to make sure i understood everything . She went above and beyond my expectations . I wish all lawyer were more like her . I would recommend her to anyone .
Posted by Joey
February 7, 2015
Most Competent and Best Lawyer EVER!
Cynthia Pyfrom was the most professional lawyer we have every met. Even though at the beginning she did not know much about same-sex couple family law she went out of her way to learn everything that had to be learned. She did it in a speedy manner, kept us updated, and listened to us when we were concerned. Now tell me when is the last time you heard a lawyer doing that. We would definitely recommend and use her services again.
Posted by Danielle
February 6, 2015
Probably one of the best choice you can make in a Family Law Lawyer!
I came to Mrs. Pyfrom after 4-5 months with a different attorney who literally did less than nothing for me, my case was a mess. There were files missing, hearings for contempt against me and an agreement, I was coerced into signing, that I could never comply with.

Mrs. Pyfrom took the time to actually listen during our consultation, and every correspondence there after, and made sure everything was addressed and did not once try to pressure me into hiring her, which I did on the spot.

After that she worked endlessly to fix as much of the damage my prior attorney done keeping me well informed along the way. She will either call or more than likely email you with every detail of your case along with all case files and many times I even was included in emails between her and the opposing council. In other words she hides nothing from you.

Her knowledge of the law is astounding as proven during my hearings where she won every hearing against the opposing attorney that had 5 times her experience and she is light years ahead of my prior attorney who had 15 times the "experience" as Mrs. Pyfrom.

Mrs. Pyfrom is also very organized and meticulous. During hearings and final mediation she had my complete file, every file and document, organized to where she was able to pull up any information needed on the fly.

Everything she filed was prepared solely for my case. There were absolutely no standard forms or responses used minus the ones required by law. Unlike the opposing council who basically went down to your local Office Depot and grabbed all the "simple legal forms" he could find.

Lastly she is honest, I am the type of person that can't for the life of me trust an attorney but she told me the truth every time. She explained potential cost vs what I could expect and many times advised me with my wallet in mind and never not her own. In the end I got what I thought was fair from my divorce. Now my case did not make it to trial, thank god, but I am confident that if it did Mrs. Pyfrom would have came to trial fully prepared and fought endlessly to protect me and my interest.

Do yourself a favor and at least give her a call and see for yourself.
Posted by Shane
January 9, 2015
Divorce Attorney.
After meeting with Cynthia personally prior to my case, I was convinced that Cynthia was the Lawyer for me. Cynthia was well mannered, respectful, and truly concerned with my case/situation pertaining to my difficult circumstance. Ms. Pyfrom Paid attention to the most minute detail and had the morals and integrity that allowed my case to be resolved amicably which in turn resulted in a positive out come for myself and my children as well as my ex wife. I have recommended a couple of friends to Cynthia and the result was just as positive for each of their cases. Finding a lawyer with integrity, morals, and values is hard to find if you are looking to walk the path of whats best for you and your family, I highly suggest you call Cynthia Pyfrom.
Posted by Ethan
November 5, 2014